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While we've already got a Baccano! anime rolling around, the original plot (from the novels) has become so demanding overtime that it'd be impractical to hope for more episodes without a stable sponsor at this point. As a result, drama CDs were brought out to keep the production cost at par while still satisfying fan needs: a CD might lack the pretty colors and cool movements of an anime, but it's always pleasant to hear the familiar voice of your favorite character after a day of mindless work.

Below is a list of existing Baccano! drama CDs sorted by date of publication. Sound samples and fan translations of each soundtrack will be provided at a later date. Enjoy!

1931: The Grand Punk Railroad ~ Local + Express Episode

  • Date of Release: March 31st, 2006
  • Number of Discs: 2
  • Extra: playing cards, side novel "The Grand Punk Railroad Revisited" (152 pages)

1st Disc: Local Episode

Stage is 1931, United States. Aboard transcontinental express, Flying Pussyfoot. Consumed by the excitement of their ride, nobody was aware of the crazy night waiting ahead...

Bonus Track: Bowwow! preview in movie style

2nd Disc: Express Episode

The tragic incident at transcontinental express Flying Pussyfoot - without such a twist of events, all passengers would have arrived safely at their destination. But the monster had already awaken - in the name of Rail Tracer.

Bonus Track: Vamp! preview in movie style


This drama CD package was published before Baccano! anime premiered. As a result, it had a slightly different voice cast - most of the main characters stayed put, however. (FYI: I enjoyed the anime casting more) If you haven't read the 1931 novels and found the anime a little confusing due to frequent switch of timelines (1930-1931-1932), this drama CD would be a great place to replenish your knowledge.

1936: Firo Prochainezo witnesses the 53rd death of Pietro Gonzalez

  • Date of Release: October 24, 2007
  • Number of Discs: 1

Stage is Mexico. Time for Firo and Luck to make a big commotion!

In order to chase back the money stolen by Pietro and Dominico - two idiot gangs who befriended a good number of the Martillo and Gandor folks in the past few years - Firo and Luck were sent to a small village in Mexico, just in time to witness a familiar "miracle" in its local theater. Accompanied by Isaac and Miria, who were also in Mexico at the time in hope of meeting "true revolutionaries", a new day in Baccano! was soon to open its curtain...


This drama CD features one of Narita's unused plot bunnies which might end up as a full-scale novel one of these days. If you have already read Baccano! 2002 [B side] before listening to this, you should at least recognize Pietro Gonzalez by name.

Overall it was a fun, light-hearted episode that'd look great on a big screen. However, the last track in the CD managed to wrap up everything in a much more sentimental manner than Narita's usual: all Immortals must face the cruel reality that they no longer lived the same time as their family and friends.

P.S. I don't think I'm the only one who saw Maria Balsereit's image in the voice of Elita. Well, it's Narita we're talking about - I wouldn't be surprised if they were close relatives ;)

Isaac Dian

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