Novel translations

In this section, you will find a detailed summary of each released book as well as English translations to some of the chapters, all provided by Japanese-speaking fans. For starters: it would help to have the cast and glossary pages by your side - it's easier to get lost in Baccano! than to forget brushing your teeth at night.

Please note that fan contributions are always welcome. If you're a fluent Japanese speaker who owns some or all of the Baccano! books and would like to translate a chapter or two for us, feel free to contact me with an attachment of your work. You will be credited at the end of the chapter you've translated.

NEW! Translation Progress Chart + Translator Schedule (checked/updated daily)

In order of timelines

You will find a detailed plot/cast summary, a list of available English chapters and author's comments behind each clickable cover. We strive to update this section regularly so check back often!

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