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There is one original soundtrack, one opening theme song and one ending theme song released under Baccano!'s name. A preview of these products can be found below. You will also find sound samples for some of the tracks.

Original soundtrack: Spiral Melodies

This soundtrack is purely instrumental but extremely enjoyable nonetheless. Most pieces were composed with a strong jazz/blues flavor by Makoto Yoshimori, the head music producer of the infamous (?) Alice Academy?.

Track List Translations

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Opening & Ending

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  1. Feast from a long long dream ~Baccano! theme~
  2. Prologue [Gustave St. Germain]
  3. Dream over Manhattan Bridge *
  4. A Capital full of twisted hopes
  5. Labyrinth of red bricks
  6. Letter of memories *
  7. Law from backstreet
  8. In the speakeasy *
  9. Sunny gunman and scarlet dancer
  10. The childish play of adults *
  11. For crazy pleasure
  12. Loosened dance of senses
  13. A stage of mad cries
  14. Alveare blues *
  15. Two canons between light and darkness
  16. Creeping signs
  17. Prideful silence
  18. Melancholy from 200 years ago
  19. Delightful sound of the fake orchestra
  20. Creeping signs revisited
  21. Endless stairway *
  22. Spiralling sigh
  23. Bubbly prayer *
  24. Graffiti on apple picture
  25. Gun's & Roses (TV size.) [ Paradise Lunch ]
  26. Calling (TV size.) [ Kaori Oda ]

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