A man called Narita

When it comes to books, fantasy literature with a western setting is not among my list of preferences. (Though graphic novels are another story) Yet exceptions have to be made for Ryohgo Narita and his works. Baccano!, for example, is a perfect instance of his genius: fantasy, historical context, romance, comedy, tragedy... each of them might function well in small groups as separate pieces, but rarely as one big jumble - unless Narita writes it. Or so does every Narita Addict believe.

What else needs to be said? Go grab a Narita book now, you won't regret your decision.

Novelist, gamer, king of errors, etc.

The fact that Gintama? is one of Narita's favorite manga series should already say a lot about his personality. Indeed, this man speaks a language that's extremely similar to that of Gintoki's, which makes him a rather unique and adorable piece of humanity. As he wrote at his personal website that's been under construction for quite some time:

  • Favorite style of death: I don't wanna die

Am I supposed to laugh there?

Narita's career as a novelist started in 2002: the exact same year he received the Gold Award from Dengeki Novel Prize. There are two wonderful (?) traits found in most of Narita's works:

  • Narita writes extremely fast, one volume a month if he wishes - with tons of spelling errors and missing words as a tradeoff. The editors like to leave them sometimes just for fun, though.
  • His work titles often have an exclamation mark at the end (i.e. Baccano!, Vamp!, Dulalala!!, etc.).

It's also interesting to note that Narita studied satellite image analysis (computer science dept.) in university - far enough from a writing profession. Young people should always work hard toward their real dreams: you never know what luck you might bump into tomorrow.

A word about the artist

The world of Baccano! cannot be complete without its character designer and full-time novel artist, Katsumi Enami. Before Baccano!, Mr. Enami had spent most of his time on game graphics until 2004 when he switched his priorities to freelance illustrations. Right now he is one of the most well-known artists in Japan's light novel industry for his brilliant use of colors, practical yet attractive design of characters and a smart combination of style, i.e. mixing anime sketches with semi-realistic expressions taken from real-world films.

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