Recently I've seen some of my scans posted with incorrect sources at a number of LiveJournal communities. Example: the playing cards were NOT included as DVD 3 specials and are NOT on official sale anywhere in Japan. As a result I felt the need to clarify a few things before I proceed to expand this site at a bigger and better network:

While it is true that you're not required to credit this site for personal scan use such as icons/wallpapers/etc., I strongly discourage mass distribution of images in forms of ZIPs/RARs at media sharing journals/archives. If you must do so for whatever reason, it's only polite that you inquire me about it first and offer appropriate credits. You must also make sure to lock all media posts: while I cannot tell you to retract whatever you've already distributed to your members publicly, please be warned that I'm ready to take down the gallery any time were I ever to face copyright issues because of your careless action, with shared consequences if not more.

With all that in mind, time to proceed and enjoy the main gallery.