Baccano! the animation is a collaboration effort between Aniplex, MediaWorks, Movic and Brains Base. It is composed of 13 TV episodes plus 3 DVD-only OVAs?, the former premiered in July 2007 under WOWOW network.

In terms of plot, a great emphasis had been placed on Year 1930 and 1931 from the original novels, accompanied by one flashback episode featuring Year 1711 (Episode 7) and short scenes from Year 1932. The 3 OVAs will only focus on the beginning of 1932 timeline and are expected to follow the plot of Grand Punk Railroad Revisited novel from Dengeki's drama CD package released in 2006.

DVD Information

There are 8 DVD volumes planned to be released, each containing one or more special features such as side novels and original video clips. This section will be updated with more details once I receive my DVD orders. Summaries and translations of the side novels will soon become available here.

Covers Preview

Episode Summary: Anime vs. Novel

There are two major differences between the anime adaptation of Baccano! and the original novels. First of all, the anime had to eliminate/modify a good portion of the original plot to satisfy certain production needs. Secondly, the anime took a different storytelling approach: the time switches were not as apparent in the books - a single novel would focus on one specific timeline only, often told in different character POVs. As a result, I've compiled a list of episode summaries in Anime vs. Novel style for your reference. Please contact me if you'd like to contribute extra details or if you've found any error in my writings. Enjoy!

Episode List (In Progress)

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